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Custom Home Page Design

We will design fully customise website from scratch.

Number of Pages

We design, create and populate in these standard pages for you. We will design one Home page layout and one inner page layout. We will then upadte content on all the pages based on the inner page layout .
You may create more inner pages by yourself by using Content Management System.

5 7 10 10-15 20-25
Content Management System

CMS is a computer program that allows publishing, editing and modifying content as well as maintenance from a central interface without having the knowledge of programing.It typically makes use of WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) editor where you page content as you would write in a word document.

Royalty Free Images

You can select images from the selected sites like to be utilised in your website and we will by them on your behalf.
These images are royalty free i.e. anyone is free to buy them and use them. Royalty free is different from copyrights where only party can buy them and use them.You are not allowed to resell it .

5 10 20 30 30
Mobile responsive

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approch aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing expriance-easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing panning and scrolling-across the wide range of devices (from mobile phone to desktop computers).


A Favicon (short for Favorite Icon) also known as website icon, shortcut icon,tab icon or bookmark icon, is a small image which is shown in browser title bar or URL window when your website is loaded

Static Banner Design

Banner is a prominent way of dispaying your business values, acitvities, operations etc on the main page.
We design the banner by combining Royalty free images or the images provided by you and provide up to 3 iterations or changes.

2 Banners 4 Banners 6 Banners 8 Banners 10 Banners
Unlimited revisions during design stage

You can for request editing of any content in website for unlimited times during the process of designing. We will change , add or edit anything in your website.

Contact us Page

A 'contact us' page typically contains your business contact information, address, a map and a form wherein your customers can submit queries, feedback, suggesstions, comments, sales enquiry etc. These details are sent out to an email address selected by you.

+ Services Management
  • Gallery
  • Product Showcase
  • Project
  • Portfolio
  • Testimonial
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Newsletter
  • Document List
  • News
  • Events
Displaying Social Media Links

FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube - Links to be provided.

Support for Latest Browsers

There are multitude of Internet Browsers present in current market e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc. We also have browsers for Mobile devices.
We design website to support latest versions of all leading browsers. Some of the advanced functionality in website may not be supported in old technology-challenged browsers.

Post Go Live Support (6 Month)

For your peace of mind, we provide free support for any bugs, minor technical issues etc for 6 calendar month post the site goes Live.
This support, however, doesn't include any enhancements or change requests.

Peace of Mind

All of our deliverables come pre-tested for the agreed scope and functionality.
Should you find any discrepancies or defects, we would be happy to correct it promptly.

Single Point of Contact

You would be assigned a Single Point of Contact (called 'Account Manager or AM') who works as per your convenient hours and speaks your language.

Google Map on Contact us Page

We will integrate Google Map on your Contact us page, showing exact location of your Business on the map. This helps your target audience to reach you easily. For us to be able to do this, your address should be traceable by Google in it's map.


Logo is unique brand image of your business. It may consist of an Icon, Icon & Text or Text only. You can even embed you business tagline with it.
We will provide you 4 distinct samples of Logos. You are allowed to request one complete different set of logo and up to 3 iterations of a selected logo.

SEO Friendly URLs

SEO Friendly URLs (Clean URLs, RESTful URLs, user-friendly URLs) are purely structural URLs that do not contain a query string [e.g., action=delete&id=91] and instead contain only the path of the resource (e.g. This is often done for aesthetic, usability, and search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

Basic Digital Services

Digital Services is the process of affecting the visibility of your website or web page in a search engine's (e.g. Google, Bing etc) 'natural' or un-paid ('organic') search results.

Basic Digital Services is one time activity to facilitate

  • Keyword analysis
  • Meta titles and descriptions for 5 pages
  • Google analytics and webmaster creation and integration.
  • Robots.txt
  • xml site map
  • Bing webmaster integration

For a continous Digital Services, we recommend one of our Organic Digital Services packages.

Basic SMO

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the process of increasing awareness of a product, brand or event by using a number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity.

Basic SMO will facilitate

  • FB, Twitter and Linkedin Profile creation
  • Cover image, logo and twitter background design and implementation
  • Google analytics and webmaster creation and integration.
  • Information feeding to FB and Twitter taking from website or from the client

For a continuous and comprehensive SMO solution, please choose one of our SMO packages.

Blog Page

A blog (a truncation of the expression web log) is a discussion or informational site published on the Internet and consisting of discrete entries ('posts') typically displayed in reverse chronological order. This tool is really helpful to create and share meaningful content, which is viewed positively from SEO point of view.

E-commerce Features
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SEO Plans

SEO Package

Bronze Plan

Silver Plan

Gold Plan

Platinium Plan

Number of keywords 5 10 15 20
Minimum contract period 5 months 8 months 10 months 12 months
Keywords Research and Analysis (Only at Basic Level) (Only at Basic Level)
Duplicate Content Check
Initial Rank Report Checking
Onpage Optimization (only Some Dedicated pages) (only Some Dedicated pages) (Full Site Onpage) (Full Site Onpage)
Dealing with Duplicate Issues
Google/Bing Webmaster Tools Installation
Google Analytics Installation
XML Sitemaps Creation
HTML Sitemap Creation
Optimizing Robots.txt
Header Tags Optimization
Optimizing Title/Meta Tags
Image Optimization
Anchor Tag Optimization
Content Optimization (which we will add) (which we will add)
Social Profile Creation (Only 2 Profile) (Only 2 Profile) (Only 3 Profile) (Only 4 Profile)
Create Account in Market Place Listing Sites (Max 1 Account per Month) (Max 2 Account per Month) (Max 2 Account per Month) (Max 3 Account per Month)
Classified Submissions (max 2 Accounts) (max 3 Accounts) (max 4 Accounts) (max 4 Accounts)
Social Bookmarking (max 2 Accounts) (max 3 Accounts) (max 4 Accounts) (max 4 Accounts)
Article Social Bookmarking (max 2 Accounts) (max 3 Accounts) (max 4 Accounts) (max 4 Accounts)
Blog Post Social Bookmarking (max 2 Accounts) (max 3 Accounts) (max 4 Accounts) (max 4 Accounts)
Website URLs Submission (max 2 Accounts) (max 3 Accounts) (max 4 Accounts) (max 4 Accounts)
Blog URLs Submission (max 2 Accounts) (max 3 Accounts) (max 4 Accounts) (max 4 Accounts)
Communication And Report
Monthly Rank Report
Customer Support
Website Speed Analysis
Website Analysis Recommendation
Existing Content Optimization
Blog Installation
Interlinking Suggestion
Structured Onpages(E-commerce)
RSS Feeds Creation
Competitor Analysis
Yahoo Question & Answering
Blog Writing
Press Releases URLs Submission
Infographic Submission
W3C Validation Check(For Home Page Only)
Article Writing & Submission
Creation of New Landing Pages(If Required)
Press Release Submission
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Social Media Optimization Plans

Package Content

Bronze Plan

Silver Plan

Gold Plan

Platinium Plan

Minimum Contract Period 4 6 8 10
Facebook Account Setup
Facebook Business Page Creation
Facebook Calender Creation
No of Post per Month 8 12 20 20-25
Facebook Post Type Basic Basic Advanced Advanced
Google+ Account Set-Up
Google Plus Page Creation
Cover Photo Creation
Communication And Report
Monthly Report
Profile Improvement
Customer Support
Off Page And Other Activities
Social Activities Monitoring
Content Posting
FB Profile Image Design
FB Business page Profile Creation
FB Business page Cover image Creation
Goolge Plus Page Followers Creation
Conversion Optimization
Instagram Account Setup
Twitter Marketing
Twitter Account Setup
Twitter Page Creation
Twitter Profile Design
Posting And Updates
Youtube Marketing
You Tube Channel Creation
You Tube Background Design
Video Optimization
Video Submission
Instagram Regular Posting(If Required)
Blog Post Social Bookmarking
Image Optimization
Social Bookmarking
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Combo Plan

Combo Package

Silver Plan

Gold Plan

Platinium Plan

Minimum Contract Period 6 months 12 months 12 months
SEO pack Silver SEO pack Gold SEO pack Platinium SEO pack
Social Media Optimization pack Silver SMO pack Gold SMO pack Platinium SMO pack
Website Package Economic Package Business Package E-Commerce Package
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